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Are you looking to become part of a team but your circumstances and / or geographical location doesn't facilitate this? Team Clean Power is your solution! Regardless of where you live you can help promote a healthy environment and clean racing.

No politics, no PED's, just intense fun racing and riding.

How to join

What you get

  • You will be  a member of a fantastic team!
  • Access to our super cool team kits
  • Product discounts (varies by geographical region)
  • Some equipment discounts require..
    • a valid and active racing license in your respective country
    • a minimum of 15 sanctioned races per calendar year commitment


We currently have members with varying specialties including but not limited to:

  • Road Racing (Road, Criterium, TT)
  • Mountain Biking
  • Triathlon

All riders grant Team Clean Power Cycling and its subsidiaries and agents the right to use all riders images obtained through various sources for promotional purposes at CPC's sole discretion.


Team Site

Access to team specific information, news, schedules, communications and our team product support page.

Look for the log in tab at the top right of the page. Then look for the various resources under restricted pages.

Not a member yet? Head on over to our registration page and complete steps 1 - 3.

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