About Team Clean Power

The Power of Clean !

Our Mission

Clean Environment ...

Promote a healthy environment by supporting clean / renewable energy initiatives and projects.

Drug Free ...

Compete clean (no PED's period) and to support Anti-Doping efforts worldwide

Have Fun ...

No matter what the goal is, have fun riding a bike, whether this is casual or at the highest competitive level.

Technical Support by Region:

RedChilli Bikes - Worldwide

RedChilli Bikes 

RedChilli Bicycle Frames
Website: www.redchilli-bikes.co.uk



Ursus Wheels
Website: www.albabici.com

GIZMO Cycling - USA

Gizmo Cycling

SH+  |  Gaerne Cycling
Website: www.gaerneshoes.com

Mondial Bike - Switzerland

Mondial Bike

Ursus Wheels
Website: www.mondialbike.com

What we are:

Clean Power Cycling Team provides a fun and welcoming atmosphere where active bike racers can continually develop our individual and team skills in a healthy, open and supportive environment. We appreciate and respect the contributions of our individual teammates and sponsors, and understand that we represent more than ourselves when wearing our team kit at the races and out in the community at large. We are bike racers, we are friends.

Where we are:

With members in 17+ countries, Team Clean Power is a unique global organization. No matter where one lives on this globe, it is possible to join and ride on our team with our unique and ultra-cool cycling kits!

Based out of Reno, Nevada – USA we are currently working on providing support to all riders worldwide. The level of support will vary from kit only availability to material discounts depending on the size of the regional member communities.

We Are All Inclusive:

There are no prerequisites on ability or goals and we encourage everyone to join our Team!  We have *no requirements. The only thing we ask of our members is to respect and protect the environment and have fun while doing this without the use of PED’s.


We are proud to promote the Worlds Best Brands...

Three are great companies and brands and there are "Truly Great" brands! Meet some of the best below....


TESLA Motors

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport. Tesla is also a technology and design company with a focus on energy innovation.




Alpiq is a leading Swiss electricity and energy services provider offering extensive, efficient energy services including Superchargers for Tesla cars



GU Energy

GU Energy for Superior ENERGY, HYDRATION AND RECOVERY is a holistic nutritional system designed to help you hydrate, energize, and recover


Searchlight Lending

Schwalbe Tires

Europe’s leading bicycle tire brand, based in Germany. We only make bicycle tires and we only have one goal: To make the best bicycle tires in the world


RedChilli Bikes

RedChilli Bikes

Based in Axminster, Devon, REDCHILLI™ Bikes is a British Brand that offers great value custom bike builds and framesets for Road, TT and Track



Ursus Wheels

Ursus is a historic Italian company and  has been the leader in producing highest quality carbon / alloy wheels and bicycle components since 1967.


Rudy Project

Rudy Project

Technically Cool: the two words that best sum up this Vision; the two words that best express the DNA of each and every design carrying the name Rudy Project



Gaerne Cycling

Expert craftsmen, selection of materials, uncompromising quality, innovation & design, original solutions make Gaerne an example of excellence for  "Made in Italy"


Schwalbe Tires

Training Peaks

Provides the complete web, mobile and desktop solution for enabling smart and effective endurance training cutting-edge software for scientific analysis and planning.